Action Strings MIDI Pack

Action Strings MIDI Pack

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Action String Ostinatos

Get inspired with this fantastic collection of string ostinatos that will save you time and get your creative juices flowing! Specifically designed for the action genre, this MIDI pack is perfect for delivering that action packed cue. Easily drag and drop these files and mix and match phrases to lay the foundation for your epic orchestral masterpiece. 

This MIDI Pack contains a collection of unique 2 and 4 bar string ostinato patterns composed in a range of different tempos from 75 - 150 BPM, mostly in 4/4 and some in 6/8.

All patterns were composed using Albion One Spiccato String Patch and will work well with other Kontakt string libraries. The demo track is a combination of Spitfire Albion One, Solo Cello and Cinematic Studio Strings. 

Each folder title contains a suggested tempo range, but files will work with any tempo. 

All folders except ‘Song Starters’ contain Separated and Combined voicings folders. Most patterns have 3 voicings (High, Mid, Low) and are separate MIDI files for your convenience. 

Both 4 bar phrase folders contain Arpeggio folders. 

All files are easily transposable. 

Pack Contents:

110 - 130 BPM - 2 Bar Phrases

12 x 2 Bar Phrases (Combined & Separated) 

130 - 150 BPM - 4 Bar Phrases

14 x 4 Bar Phrases (Combined & Separated)

10 x Arpeggio Phrases

75 - 90 BPM - 4 Bar Phrases

10 x 4 Bar Phrases (Combined & Separated)

5 x Arpeggio Phrases

130 - 150 BPM - Action Song Starters (Various Lengths & Time Signatures)

12 phrases