Composing Fantasy Music With The Ultimate FREE Orchestral Template

I’ve been working on a powerhouse composing template using patches from three of the highest quality free orchestral plugins and libraries. Taking the best orchestral patches from Spitfire Audio’s LABS instruments and combining them with ProjectSam’s ‘The Free Orchestra’ and Spitfire’s BBC Orchestra Discover, I’ve assembled a truly powerful template for any composer on a budget. 

Check out my latest video on YouTube and take a listen to the fantasy inspired track I wrote using the template. It’s been exciting to put the template to work, and I’m hoping you’ll do the same! Make sure to download the above mentioned software, it’s all completely free!

If you like the fantasy track in the video, make sure to download the free Logic Pro X Track Template and you can take a look at the session for yourself! 

I’ll be uploading more track templates in the near future, in all different genres and styles, I’m hoping that they’ll be really helpful for composers looking to get into sync music licensing. If you’re interested in learning more about producing license ready tracks, then be sure to enrol in the Production Music Academy. Courses are still half price for another few days!